AIR Biography 

The AIR (Alumni in Recovery) Program was founded in September 2014 by Nancy Labov, RN CADC.  

AIR’s sole purpose is to offer youth, through the power of personal identification and connection, the tools required to help avoid substance abuse and addiction and the awareness to opt for better choices.

AIR fills a critical need in schools by providing a resource for students struggling with addictions themselves, or those concerned about family and friends. By connecting and coordinating young people that are steadily making their way into recovery, AIR provides a safe and reliable program for students.

PEER PROGRAM: AIR offers a unique approach, as it allows recovering young individuals, familiar with NJ school systems, to speak in presentation format to school age students and share their personal feelings and experiences. The majority of speakers are young adults in their 20s that have demonstrated long term abstinence, and are screened as appropriate and reliable sources. They share their stories of abuse and recovery voluntarily and do not expect any payback except that they can help make a difference in the lives of the younger generation.

PARENT PROGRAM: In response to parent requests, AIR has recently started to coordinate a parent program. This typically consists of two AIR members, and a bereaved parent who speaks of the loss of their child due to drug addiction. This brings together two important resources in a common cause to facilitate change in the way people view substance abuse and addiction.

Nancy Labov has 20+ years working in the field of addiction treatment. As part of her ongoing dedication to addiction treatment, she had the opportunity to accompany young women in treatment at Spring House for Women in Paramus, New Jersey, to speaking commitments at high schools within Bergen County. As she witnessed the connection between the students and the heart-felt sharing of these young women’s stories of addiction and their subsequent recovery, the idea for AIR was born. On December 4, 2017, Alumni In Recovery became a Nonprofit Organization, and continues to gain momentum through the spirit of honest and good service.

Breathing New Life into Recovery and Community

Nancy Labov, RN CADC, Founder of Alumni In Recovery

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