Nancy O'Brien, a parent who lost her son Kevin to an opiate overdose, shares her story at local schools.

Parents that have lost their children to addiction talk openly, carrying a powerful message that can help others and potentially save lives.

The AIR members of the parent program shed light on how this epidemic has affected their own families.  Through their personal stories of loss of their children to the disease of addiction, these parents can provide a forum whereby other parents can be informed.  Parents share their own experience of signs of addiction; steps taken to intervene; and resources available - all in an effort to raise awareness in our community to the reality of addiction deaths.  

These parents are local to this area so that other families can identify and end the stigma.  They are part of our own suburbia where death tolls are mounting.

We can make a difference in the lives of many

"The AIR format and message is something the parents in your district need to see! Our district will be having AIR back as a parent presentation in May, but we have partnered with AIR in the classrooms as well.  Please consider this program and feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss our experience."

Stacy Stein
River Dell High School PTO

Air Offers Evening Parent Programs For The Community

These evening programs typically consist of 2 young adults in recovery and a bereaved parent who talk openly to an audience about drug and alcohol addiction.

This brings together two important resources in a common cause to facilitate change in the way people view substance abuse and addiction. 

We are flexible and happy to work with you on providing a presentation that meets your needs

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Tom Canavan (who lost his son Christopher due to opiate addiction) and Jerome DeRenzo, speaking at St. Josephs H.S. in Montvale, NJ; both Christopher and Jerome's alma mater.