Alumni In Recovery is a volunteer-based program

"Service is a cornerstone of recovery"–Richard Lundsten

AIR members share first-hand experience and information about the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.  Our program is unique. It consists of a combination of young people in recovery and bereaved parents. AIR members are local and often are alumni of the schools themselves, thus providing a special connection to the students, and often demonstrating how close to home the problem is. One thing is certain: addiction doesn’t only happen somewhere else! It's happening right in your school.

AIR’s approach to eliminating the stigma surrounding addiction is opening dialogs with:

Students- a peer to peer approach discussing the root causes of drug & alcohol addiction
Parents- along with the alumni, bereaved parents share their personal experience, making it clear that addiction can happen to anyone

How can you engage the student body’s parents? Northern Valley Regional High School for example, has had great success in mandating parents to attend a pre-prom AIR program whereby at least one parent in the family is required to attend a presentation so their child can go to the prom. With the new school year starting, now’s the time to consider such a program.

Let us help you start the conversation about the consequences of addiction with your students and their parents by scheduling an AIR presentation at your school.  You can reach me at the number and email address below. We are happy to provide references from other school’s guidance counselors or SACs upon request.

Thank you,

Nancy Labov RN CADC

AIR Founder & Director

Nancy Labov has 20+ years of working in the field of addiction as a nurse 

and counselor and is in long-term recovery;

always passionate about breaking the stigma and educating our youth

and community about the disease of addiction and recovery.


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Brandon Silva, Phs. Ed. Health class instructor at Northern Valley Demarest HS, pictured with AIR members, kicking off the new school year of 2018. .

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