"The AIR presentation was really good and I thought it really went in depth about drugs and alcohol use. It was touching and I really enjoyed this presentation. The work that they are doing is amazing and very important for kids that are dealing with these issues. They all talked about going away from their problems instead of facing them which was a very good and effective lesson."


"I think the speeches by Rob and Noelle were really powerful. I feel that the way they told their stories could help my peers if they know someone struggling or are struggling themselves. It can help kids find their way and convince someone to get help and /or help others. The presentation was on a sensitive topic, but was told in a way that seemed helpful and comforting."


"I thought that it was amazing that someone was able to get out of such a bad habit especially since drugs and alcohol are addictive. I thought it was interesting that they wanted to get help and people weren't forcing them to."


"I think that they perfectly represented the unhealthy short term and long term effects of drug and alcohol use. It definitely hit a lot of the students because it shows how it can really change your life and how it can hit other people."


"I think the presentation was good. I think it was good because the people talking were not that much older than us. Noelle and Rob are now living better lives now that they don't do drugs."


"I thought that their stories were sad but showed that a person can overcome a lot of stuff and still be happy after. The people seemed like they have been through a lot, but it was for the better. I think the stories can show a lot of kids not to do drugs and more people can avoid these kinds of hardships.​"


"At first I thought that the program was pointless, but when I became open minded, I started to see the big picture that they were just trying to help us and lead us down the right path. When I saw the meaning behind it all, I was so thankful for the experience." 

-LHS Sophomore

"I just want to thank the AIR program for educating me of what can happen if we don't straighten up. As a senior, it hits home because after high school, there is no one there to necessarily push me to better myself. I am grateful for everyone involved in this program for their knowledge and advice as I tackle life's endeavors." 

-LHS Senior

"The program on Friday made me realize what kids around my age think about drug addiction. It really is a problem because most of the students are blind to their progression in drug use." 

-LHS Senior

"The Alumni in Recovery program is a meaningful and helpful way to show us all the direction our lives could go if we continue with bad habits. It's such a great program and it should be in all other schools." 

-LHS Sophomore

"I am so thankful for the AIR program. They made me realize that I'm not alone and help is always there—I just need to ask for it." 

-LHS Sophomore

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​What The Students Are SayingMiddle School
January 20

"Yesterday, the AIR presentation was very touching and powerful. I don't think the actual story is what was touching, but the message behind it was. What this program is doing is special. It is leading kids down the correct and positive path. Very inspirational."


Interested in joining us?  Email: Nancy@Alumniinrecovery.org  or call (201)-741-6409

"I think the presentations were very powerful and are good life lessons for any young people and that we should take their advice and not abuse drugs or alcohol."


"I liked the presentations a lot and found it pretty powerful. Their stories were very well told and they really covered the main issue of the class which is not to abuse drugs or alcohol."


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