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We are planting seeds in the minds of our youth!

What We Do

The power of the AIR program lies in the inspiration of the participants themselves.

The AIR participants’ goal is to bring students in middle and high schools two simple messages. First, we hope that the students will make better choices in how they cope with the stresses of school and not have to experience firsthand, the destructive path of addiction and all the consequences that go with it.

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​​​​Alumni In Recovery brings a message to young people, who have not yet started alcohol or drugs, that they can make good decisions and health conscious choices while maintaining a sober existence in life.

Secondly the AIR speakers offer a message of hope to that one person in a crowd who may already be experiencing problems as a result of drinking or using drugs or who are faced with personal problems that seem insurmountable.

The AIR participants share their experiences, and those defining moments when they were young, that started them on the path of use and abuse.

They attempt to convey their root causes.They talk about the core issues that lead up to using/abusing drugs and alcohol and finally talk briefly about their lives in recovery.

It is highly beneficial when the AIR participant has actually gone through the school system at which he or she is speaking. This identification is one of the best ways to get a message to another. 

The participants are abstinent from all mind altering drugs including alcohol, and are screened as appropriate and reliable sources. They are responsible local young adults that have worked hard at staying clean and sober and rebuilding their lives.

The participants speak from their hearts. They do so voluntarily, and do not expect any payback other than the gratitude that comes from helping others. It is the hope of every single person associated with AIR that they can help make a difference in the lives of not just the younger generation but everyone the come in contact with.